The strongest and most durable range of steel frame slatted bases

More than 30 years ago, the Super range, was born to satisfy the needs of a more innovative, comfortable but yet strong frame. Since than some changes have been made but Super stays the same with a patent slat holder that is tough, noiseless and can carry heavy duty weights.

Super puts together quality of rest, range length and years of experience.

Dorsal Super comes in 12 variants.

- Steel frame 40x3 mm (50x30 mm from 120 cm)

- Powder paint non-toxic and scratchproof

- Multiply beech slats 68x8 mm

- 4 zones of comfort

Four different comfort areas proving better anatomical adaptation.

  1. Dorsal Super, great resistance and best anatomical adaptation thanks to unique features
  2. Two shaped slats, positioned in the shoulder support area, ensure high elasticity and comfort.
  3. Six Dynaflex slats, distinguished by the blue slat holders, give the back area a superior quality of support, flexibility and strength.
  4. The area where most body weight is concentrated is reinforced with three extra slats and can be adjusted for intensity with six practical cursors

- Complies with the Machine 2006/42/ Directive, appropriately labelled and comes with a user manual.

- Complies with Directive 2004/108/ on electromagnetic compatibility.

- Consumption on stand-by <0.5 W, as per ErP Directive 2009/125/ (Energy related Products).

- Emergency lowering to flat position in possible with 1 battery provided on board of motor.

- * Reinforced and adjustable (till 90 cm) lumbar area.

Tips from the physiotherapist

The three sliders (cursors) regulate the slats on the lumbar zone making it possible to adjust the firmness of the support in an area important for the body’s biomechanical balance because it is here that the muscle fibres interact with the diaphragm (breathing muscle) and the major hip flexor and pelvis regulator muscle.