It is a core modelled with seven differentiated contour zones, matched with innovative Natur Memory for absolute comfort. Special processing allows it to adapt to the body and increases the breathability of the mattress.

Antares is now made with a new process that differentiates the head and foot ends, one more comfortable and the other firmer to considerably increase adaptation.

The top layer with 7cm of Natur Memory is matched with 11cm of medium or soft Grand Soleil Trio CellĀ®.

Tip from the physiotherapist

A successful product arises from matching the load-bearing structure in Gran Soleil Trio CellĀ® featuring crosswise holes that guarantee good breathibility and air exchange inside the mattress with the Natur memory top which has increased thickness in the shoulder and hip/calf zones. This produces a mattress that makes the heavier parts of the body feel well supported. Excellent for those who prefer to sleep on their sides and need to keep the spine well aligned.