Elisir 2000

The Elisir 2000 mattress offers two usable contact surfaces:  one in self-modelling Natur Memory pressure relieving that the body can relax.  The other side offers all the heat regulation and breathability characterisitcs of Mousse Gel.  Special shaping aids anatomical adaptation and increases the breathability.

  • One side in Natur Memory height 3.5 cm
  • One side in Mousse Gel height 3.5 cm
  • Core total height 18 cm

Tips from the physiotherapist

The use of Mousse Gel on one side, provides conductivity and breathability ensuring excellent body heat regulation, especially in summer.  On the other side Natur Memory embraces the body comfortably and avoids chilliness, perfect for winter.  This mattress is ideal for those who have heat regulation problems providing great comfort and effective support during changes of position.