Elisir 3000

This mattress is particularly comfortable in the shoulder and calf areas, thanks to the innovation of Mousse inserted into the mattress layers.  Mousse Gel enhances the top surface with its pleasant heat regulating features and breathability.  The contour cut surface increases ventilation and distributes firmness over 7 zones.

  • Top contact surface in Mouse Gel height 4 cm
  • Shoulder area and calves area in Mousse height 3.5 cm
  • Refinforced central area
  • Core total height in 18 cm

Tips from the physiotherapist

This mattress with its shaping and special cuts and the use of two Mousse pads, differentiates the entire support surface into 7 load-bearing areas, making it ideal for those who wish to be cradled by their mattress, especially when lying on their sides without ‘sinking’ into a surface which is too soft.  In addition, the special direction of the cuts produces a mechanincal effect that leads to elongation of the spine.  The surface layer of Mousse Gel, with its breathibility and heat regulation features, make this mattress an excellent solution for those who suffer from heat regulation problems.