Elisir 4000

Elisir 4000 is a mattress for all needs of health and wellbeing.  Natur Memory Gel placed on the top surface stabilizes mattress temperature to ensure a fresh breathable surface.  Anatomical and comfortable, it helps body maintaining the right posture and thanks to the Mousse pads inserted into the mattress layers reduces changes of position so that sleep is relaxing and regenerating.

  • Top contact surface in Natur Memory gel height 4cm
  • Shoulder area and calves area in Mousse height 3.5 cm
  • Core total height 18 cm

Tips from the physiotherapist

The use of Mousse Gel on one side, provides conductivity and breathability ensuring excellent body heat regulation, especially in summer.  On the other side Natur Memory embraces the body comfortably and avoids chilliness, perfect for winter.  This mattress is ideal for those who have heat regulation problems providing great comfort and effective support during changes of position.