Elisir 5000

Elisir 5000 guarantees extremely high performance and great comfort, provided by combining excellent, absolutely innovative materials. Natur Memory Gel and Mousse work in perfect synergy to offer all the benefits of an Elixir of immortality. The Elisir 5000 model is a product that is anatomical, comfortable, strong, heat regulating and breathable.

  • Top contact surface in Natur Memory Gel height 5 cm;
  • Shoulder area and calves area in Mousse height 5 cm;
  • Reinforced central area
  • Core total height 21 cm. 

Tips from the physiotherapist

Thanks to its characterisitc this mattress is truly adaptable to the needs of joint rigidity, circulation difficulties and problems in controlling body temperature.  The top layer of Natur Memory has the flexible ability to adapt to body contours without losing its strength, due to the effect of the covering layer of Mousse Gel that disperses excess heat and reduces the heat sensitivity properties of Natur Memory.  The two mousse pads envelope the limbs to lessen strain on the shoulders and hips.