What is the secret for a long life?
Discover it with the new mattress Elisir Issimo

DorsalStudio creates a new mattress: Elisir Issimo; qualities and specifications from the Elisir line, but in a new and functional look. It is thermoregulating at all times of the year thanks to the two climatic sides in Gel and Natur Memory. The study of new inner contouring gives it an anatomical and breathable surface. The cover fabric is in precious viscose that disperses the excess moisture for a fresh and dry sleep. Low maintenance cover, hygenically perfect and hypoallergenic.

One side for Winter and one side for Summer

The possibility of flipping this mattress gives it two different feelings and also comforts to be used at the different seasons of the year.

It comes in 24 cm of pure quality

Attractive and contemporary

Easy to remove cover, practical and machine washable

The high density and resilient materials make this mattress highly effective over time

Both sides recommended for weights over 90 kg.

Issimo emphasises its features in combination with Dorsal® anatomical supports: Xpoint, Butterfly, Human, Ergo. Issimo was also designed to perfectly fir all Dorsal® motor-adjustable bed bases.