Suite 260

The carefully selected materials of Suite 260 mattresses is proof of the attention paid by Dorsal to even the most of the classical mattress.  The over 800 independent springs (884 on the king size) are matched with highly innovative materials such as Mousse Gel.  The result is a spring mattress for those who seek medium firmness and a particularly fresh bed set.  7 zone sleep concept with differentiated firmness.

Comfort: Medium-firm mattress.

  • Mattress with over 800 independent pocket springs
  • Box spring system with anti-sagging edges
  • Upper contact surface with 3 cm of Mousse Gel
  • 7 zone sleep concept
  • Easily removable and washable cover with the practial zip on all four sides
  • Available in any of the covers from the Dorsal range
  • Total core height 21 cm

Tips from the physiotherapist

Suite mattresses with independent pocket springs have 7 differentiated contour zones that ensure differentiated contour zones that ensure differentiated comfort and support, allowing the spine and the joints to rest naturally and avoiding muscular and joint pain.