Zefiro 108 Memory

Zefiro 108 Memory is a mattress ideal for meeting the highest standards of comfort.

The top layer of carved Natur Memory ensures differentiated accommodation of the body parts, distributing weight to adapt perfectly to the contours of the body.

Anatomical studies for Tubes® technology and the use of excellent materials such as Natur Memory and Grand Soleil Trio Cell® make Zefiro 108 Memory an extremely prestigious model.

Zefiro 108 Memory is also available in the Comfort version, dedicated to the less heavy or those who prefer to be wrapped in sleep. Core height 18cm.

Tips from the physiotherapist: The unique feature of this mattress is the ability of its structure to respond simultaneously to the important body needs. Excellent breathibility.

The empty tube structure works in suc a way that when the body moves normally as it does during sleep there is considerable recirculation of air inside the mattress which disperse accumulated heat and humidity and ensures better balancec in controlling body temperature. The Tubes® structure divided into seven zones enlarges the effect as does the comfort layer of Trio Cell® that guarantees even greater breathibility and better adaptation to the contours of the body.

Pressure relief: Natur memory top ensures good accomodation of all the body curves, distributing the pressure loads to the guarantee proper blood and lymphatic circulation.

Support: the Tubes® structure with differentiated zones and good resistance to compression by the Trio Cell® base guarantee excellent support for the deep structure of the body: the spine. Zefiro 108 Memory looks after the whole body, from the surface layers of the skin to the intermediate ones of the muscles.