Alpha 3 is one of the firmest mattresses in our collection, made up of 3 cm MemoElast ® Memory foam, with 16 cm Hydrolatex PU foam as a support layer.

The cover is made with Ignitex ®, a fire resistant material, which is fully removable and easily cleaned.

The Alpha 3 is the firmest non-turn mattress in our Collection, it provides a firm sleeping surface whilst providing the right orthopedic support needed for a life of healthy sleep.

Top Layer

On the top there is a comfort layer of 3cm of Memory Foam , which conforms to your body shape and supports those sensitive and pain causing areas, relieving pain whilst preventing future discomfort.

Support Layer

The Support layer consists of 16cm of High Density Hydrolatex Foam, which provides the proper support your body needs. Studies have shown that our support foam, Hydrolatex  when combined with our Memory foam Comfort Layer outperformed other well known and more expensive memory foam only mattresses and ultimately, was much more superior in ensuring the proper alignment of the spine over long periods of time.

The Cover

The cover is padded and made from Ignitex fabric which is made completely fireproof.

It is also anallergic, sanitized, anti-dustmite.

Firm mattress, especially recommended if you prefer to sleep on your back or stomach

Prefer a mattress that you float on top of instead of sink into, but still want the benefits of the memory foam