The Classic is one of our Original Collection and one of our best selling, thousands of people already own a Classic and they Love it.

Outstanding comfort and support for those who prefer a medium feel.

Top Layer

This Medium firmness mattress comes with a comfort layer of 5cm of Water-Soia Memory Foam which conforms to your body shape and supports those pain causing areas. Soia Vegetable Oil is used when making this foam, making it not only truly comfortable, but good for your health.

Support Layer

The Support layer consists of 15cm of High Density Hydrolatex Foam, which provides the proper support your body needs. Studies have shown that our water based support foam, Hydrolatex,  when combined with our Memory Foam Comfort Layer outperformed other well known and more expensive monobloc memory foam mattress and ultimately, was much more superior in ensuring the proper alignment of the spine over long periods of time.

The Cover

The cover is knitted and made from Ignitex® fabric which is made completely fireproof.

It is also anallergic, sanitized, anti-dustmite and has a special 3d band which provides air circulation for the mattress.


You can rest assured of the comfort and support levels needed for a good night's sleep.