The DualPedic is reversible and provides two different levels of comfort, a medium firm and firm. Ideal for larger heavier people.

Top Layer

Layer of superior memory foam that responds to your body’s heat and contours around every part of your body which comes into contact with it, distributing pressure evenly over the whole body and relieving pressure related pain.

Support Layer

HydroLatex is a highly supportive and responsive water based foam. It is designed with through cuts to guarantee breathability and special incisions are made to ensure the correct support.

By replacing many of the toxic solvents with water, this support foam ensures you sleep in a healthy and toxic free environment.

Bottom Layer

Made from a special material called Air Flow, this 3 Dimensional product is highly elastic and provides  air circulation. This material is essential for Heavy People as it supports even the heaviest loads without compression.

The Cover

The cover is also reversible, Themo+® Heat Regulation Technology on one side and SilverSafe anti-bacterial on the other.  A beneficial feature of this cover is Antistat®, a carbon fabric that removes harmful electrostatic charges from the body.


You can rest assured of the comfort and support levels needed for a great nights sleep.