Seven Extra

Nothing beats the luxury and deep comfortable sleep you get from the Seven Extra. An extra depth of Memory foam provides deeper relaxation as you toss and turn less, making for a better night's sleep whist the Aloe Vera extracts in the cover provide those necessary natural elements.

Top Layer

The Top layer is made from Memoelast®, an Open cell Memory foam.

This comfort layer is 7cm, conforms to your body shape and supports those sensitive and pain causing areas.

Support Layer

13cm of Hydrolatex foam making HydroLatex a highly supportive and responsive water based foam that has been laboratory tested to give the most rejuvenating and muscle relaxing sleep available. By replacing some of the toxic solvents usually used to make foam with natural water, this support foam also ensures you sleep in a healthy environment.

The Cover

With a beautiful cover with Aloe Vera Oil extracts, this round edge cover is perfect for those who really want to feel the amazing comfort of the Memory Foam, but with the firmness of a padded cover.

The Aloe Vera Oil Extracts which greatly enhance the health aspects of this mattress, ensuring you are breathing in only natural minerals providing you with a healthy nights sleep. 

It is also anallergic, sanitized, anti-dustmite and has a special 3d band which provides air circulation for the mattress.