Merino over blankets

For decades many of us have been using a quilt filled with a spun polyester fibre matting which is a wonderful heat retaining material. We require and we want and need the warmth but too much or too little is also bad.

We also need to control the amount of humidity in our bedding. Generally humidity is the cause of joint pains, rheumatism, arthritis, and respiratory problems. In the UK a 1996 National Sleep Foundation (NSF) Gallup Poll found that 30 percent of all night time pain sufferers experience arthritis pain at night. The number rises to 60 percent for those over age 50. Night time pain sufferers in this age group who experience difficulty sleeping lost an average of 2.5 hours of sleep a night, 10 full nights a month. Humidity in the sleep environment has a direct relationship with discomfort and pain and with loss of amount of and the quality of sleep. Manmade fibres not only promote perspiration – like the nylon shirts and clothing but more than the actual very manmade material and fibres will absorb and holds moisture.

The Merino Blanket is thick and contains generous layers of virgin Merino. The overblanket is different in that it has lightness designed into the structure. This lightness is important. We want to be comfortably warm but not too warm and we don’t want to have a weight pressing down on us. 

Our design is unique in that no resins or glues are used so that the material can breathe ensuring dryness and no overheating. It is this “breathability” that is important. It’s the layer of air in the blanket that keeps you comfortable.

For extra luxury the top surface of the Overblanket has an extra 30% of Cashmere fibre mixed with the merino wool yarn.

To complete your sleep comfort and to get the best from your Merino Bedding please ensure that only natural materials are used for sheets and duvet cases. The Overblanket is sized to fit into a variety of duvet cases or can be used over a sheet.