Merino under blankets

From the beginning of time people slept on a sheep skin and in fact we went back to using a square of sheepskin to alleviate the problems suffered by long term patients of pressure (or bed) sores. The pressure relieving properties of wool have always been understood and valued by the medical profession.

The Wellbeing Merino Wool Underblanket is fitted over your mattress and held firmly in place by an elasticized skirt. The thickness of the blanket is about 25 mm and interwoven in the blanket is a conductive carbon fibre and silver thread. This is very beneficial when the cord that comes with the blanket is touching the ground as it earths the body and removes the harmful build up of electrostatic charges.

The Wellbeing Merino Underblanket brings the following Benefits to the user:

  1. You have a comfortable heat level in bed. You are at your own body temperature. Even electric blankets are a thing of the past. As soon as you get into bed, the air held in the underblanket achieves the exact body temperature and comfort is immediate. The temperature is level is maintained even if your partner has different heat comfort levels. The Merino Wool adjusts to your individual needs.
  2. Wool deals with excess moisture allowing it to escape and maintaining the user in a dry environment. Reducing humidity levels greatly aids those suffering from Rheumatism and Arthritis and thus brings an immediate improvement in sleep and wellbeing. Even in a damp environment your bedding will feel dry.
  3. The dust mite cannot survive with these reduced moisture levels and with his departure respiratory allergies such as asthma are greatly eased.
  4. Circulation is greatly improved and this is a medical fact specifically referred to in the EU medical certification. Together with a Wellbeing Memory Foam or Latex Mattress, the Merino Wool underblanket will bring immediate relief to sufferers of bed cramps or pressure related diseases. You can use the underblanket on any mattress with immediate results but inquire about our great package deals.
  5. Reduction in static. With the advent of man made fibers in bed covers and quilts there has been an increase in the static that we sleep with. This will cause irregular pulse rates and a variety of other discomforts and interruptions to sleep. The Merino Wool Underblanket will ensure those nasty eloctrstatic charges do not build up and cause harm to your body.
  6. Its soft, comfortable and welcoming.